What is a Muslim?

What is a Muslim?


What is a Muslim? is a colorfully illustrated, musically rhythmic children’s book about what it means to be a Muslim. The idea behind the book is to inform the reader in a fun and simple way, about the basics of being a Muslim. Other than being a fun, colorful, musical and educational book, What is a Muslim? aims to teach children about the purpose of their Muslim identity. Most books on this subject, which one might find at the local mosque library, do a good job of explaining what the five pillars of Islam are, but they rarely mention the aims of practicing those five pillars. What makes our book different, is that it teaches the reader that being a Muslim is a vehicle for becoming a better human being; and, that practicing the five pillar should make us good, charitable, loving, peaceful and caring people. Please stream/download the audio for free at: https://www.itsybitsymuslims.com/songs This is a father and daughter project. The talented illustrator is the author's 10 years old daughter.

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