The Majority of Our Books Are Sing-Alongs

Stream/Download Our Sing-Alongs for Free!

Reading a book with illustrations is fun for kids, but singing along to a book with illustrations is a marvelous experience! Kids learn and understand better with melody, rhyme, and rhythm. Ask any group of native English speakers to recite the alphabet, and a large number of them will recite the alphabet with the same rhythm that shares a melody with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. 

The majority of Itsy Bitsy Muslims books are written as sing-alongs by Ali Elsayed, an author, and a nasheed artist.

Because we know that Muslims follow different opinions regarding the permissibility of musical instruments, we usually have two versions of each sing- along. One with musical instruments and one with just vocals or duff. The songs are free to download and listen to, but we recommend you get the books as well for a fully immersive learning experience!