Alif Baa Taa Board Book!

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Teach your kids the Arabic Alphabet with this colourful and fun to read children's book. For each letter, there are four examples, four words, and four fun illustrations of animals, fruits/plants and objects. Each illustration is accompanied by Arabic, English and transliterated words. It is like buying four Alif Baa Taa books in one!

A transliteration rules page is included.

Recently Published

The Family Tree of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Tree book cover-2.png

Itsy Bitsy Muslims just published this title in time for the month of Rabiul Awwal, the month of the birthday of Sayyidna Muhammad (pbuh). It is a childrens book and sing-along about the family tree of the greatest being in Allah's creation. Because this book is a sing-along, kids can easily learn the names of the forefathers of Sayyidna Muhammad (pbuh). They will also learn something special about each and every forefather of our prophet. Our intention with books like this is to ignite the love and reverence of our Prophet in the hearts of our kids.

Crochet Dolls


crochet Dolls

These quality hand made crochet dolls were designed and hand crafted by artisan refugee women at Oakcreativedesigns, in keyseri, Turkey.  Creating these beautiful crochet dolls has provided many refugee women with the opportunity to earn a sustainable and steady income for their families.  Purchasing these dolls help them continue their beautiful work!