What drives us?

Our love for Allah, His prophet, His creation and these words from the Holy Quran: "Say (to them), rejoice with Allah's favors and with His mercy...".
We also want to help promote a positive Muslim identity in children, and of course, we would love to play a small part in sharing the joy with you!


What is a Muslim?

Promoting a Positive Identity in Our Kids 

The Month of Ramadan is Here

Children's Book and Sing-Along Song

"The Month of Ramadan Is Here" is A sing-along children's book about the amazing Hijri month of Ramadan. This fun illustrated book is easy to read with and to children. Because the rhyming text to this book is also a song, Kids can easily learn the reasons which make this month very special. They will also learn the etiquette of fasting and the wisdom behind them. This book is a perfect example of what Itsy Bitsy Muslims is all about, we strive to have kids learn their faith while in a fun and seamless way.

The download code to the audio file of the song is included in the book for parents to download.

The idea behind the book is to inform the reader, in a fun and simple way, about the basics of being a Muslim. Unlike other children's books which only teach the five pillars of Islam, this book aims to show that the purpose of practicing the five pillars of Islam is to be an upstanding human being, to be sweet, to be merciful and also to be caring. In today's world where there are so many misconceptions about Islam. We believe books like this can help foster more tolerance and understanding. The author of the book is a nasheed (Islamic songs) singer/songwriter. The text of this book rhymes, and can be sung as a nursery rhyme. Kids can easily learn the lyrics and sing along. 

This is a father and daughter project. The talented illustrator is the author's 10-year-old daughter.

Muslim Boy and Girl Puppets

Strengthen your kid's Muslim identity!

Most of the toys and dolls our kids play with today represent ideals which are far from the values and ideals we wish to instill in our children.

Study after study shows that children learn most during their play time. With toys like our dolls and puppet, kids can imagine a world where Muslim kids like themselves are the heroes in the story. 

Itsy Bitsy Dolls

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