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Alif Baa Taa (X4)

Alif Baa Taa Books

Teach your kids the Arabic Alphabet with this colourful and fun to read children's book.  For each letter there are four examples, four words and four fun illustrations of animals, fruits/plants and objects. Each illustration is accompanied by Arabic, English and transliterated words.  It is like buying four Alif Baa Taa books in one!

A transliteration rules page is included.

Aqidah Book For Children

A children's book and sing-along that teaches kids the 13 perfect attributes of Allah. Every Muslim is under obligation to know these attributes. This book simplifies these attributes for kids to understand. If you have children who have questions about Allah, then this book is for you.

Islamic Aqidah For Children Cover

New Itsy Bitsy Muslims  Plush Dolls

Designed by Itsy Bitsy Muslims for Muslim Kids. These cute and cuddly Muslim looking plush dolls will put a smile on your Childs face.

Alhamdulillah, Itsy Bitsy Muslims has published 6 books and 5 sing-alongs, so far! We have many books on the way insha'Allah. Our Islamic books are unique in that they are based on the beliefs and teachings of Ahl As-sunnah Wal-Jama'ah, while at the same time being fun to learn from, and easy to understand. We want little Muslims to learn the basics of their faith, in a fun, positive and simple way. We want them to be proud of their Muslim identity.

Itsy Bitsy Muslims children's Books

The Books We've Published So Far!

Designed by Itsy Bitsy Muslim. You can Positively reinforce your kids Muslim identity with these sweet and soft Muslim looking puppets!

Itsy Bitsy Muslims Plush Puppets

Let your little one associate prayer time with fun time, with these colorful prayer rugs.

Fun & Colorful Prayer Rugs & Tasbeehs

Encourage your little pearls to learn about Modesty in Islam,

with these easy to wear hijabs and prayer sets

Little Girls Hijabs

It's Much Easier to Learn When We Sing Along!

Our sing-alongs are free to download 

Covering the head for Muslims is an important sunnah, and a great way to reinforce your boys Muslims identity. These small size Kufis are  a perfect start.

Kids Kufis (Hats) for Little Heads 

Cute and cuddly plush toys and pillows

Plush Pillows & Animals 

These crochet dolls are hand made by Syrian refugees

Crochet Dolls

Crochet Dolls

At "Itsy Bitsy Muslims"  we strive to create and find products that make Islamic education fun and easy to learn, while making sure that the teachings adhere to the Ahl Sunnah wal Jama'ah interpretation of the  shari'ah  (Islamic jurisprudence), and the Aqidah (Islamic beliefs).

We also want to help promote a positive Muslim identity in Muslim children, while putting a smile on their faces!

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