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About Us

At "Itsy Bitsy Muslims"  we strive to create and find products that make Islamic education fun and easy to learn, while making sure that the teachings adhere to the Ahl Sunnah wal Jama'ah interpretation of the  shari'ah  (Islamic jurisprudence), and the Aqidah (Islamic beliefs). We also want to help promote a positive Muslim identity in Muslim children, while putting a smile on their faces!

The Story of how Itsy Bitsy Muslims came to Be:

As Muslim parents who home schooled four children, we were always looking for the best way to teach our kids the basics of their faith. Many of the books we came across were good in terms of having accurate information, but they were lacking in terms of engaging our kids mind and imagination. Other books were fun and engaging but they fell short in terms of having accurate information especially in explaining matters of belief (Aqida). 

My husband, Ali Elsayed, who is the author of our books, has been a student of the Islamic sciences for over 20 years. He also has ijazah (authorization) to teach, and he is a nasheed artist. He too was frustrated with the lack of availability of good quality Islamic educational content children living in the west. Basic books that answer the simple question of: What does it mean to be a Muslim? Were no where to be found. That is when he decided to write his first children's book and sing-along. For illustrations, he recruited our daughter Sousanne, who was 9 at the time and an aspiring artist; for the sing-along recording, he recruited our daughters and their cousins - age 5 -11 -to do the singing. That is how our first book and sing-along "What is a Muslims?" was born, and with it Itsy Bitsy Muslims. Since then, we have published 5 more books and sing-alongs, designed and manufactured Itsy Bitsy Muslims puppets and dolls. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's blessings and your support, we have managed to come so far. We have so many ideas of books and educational products we are  currently working on, we feel we are just starting.

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From left to right: Sousanne Elsayed (illustrator),, Ali Elsayed (author) - Marwan, Maha, Ayesha and Sousanne (reciters)

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