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Sing-Alongs Audio

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Reading a book with illustrations is fun for kids, but singing along to a book with illustrations is a marvelous experience! Kids learn and understand better with melody, rhyme, and rhythm. Ask any group of native English speakers to recite the alphabet, and a large number of them will recite the alphabet with the same rhythm that shares a melody with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

Our Islamic tradition is full of examples where oral recitation, rhyme and melody were used to make learning easier. Many scholars, throughout the ages, used rhyme and melody to convey teachings in the different Islamic sciences. From Arabic grammar to Islamic beliefs (Aqida), it is easy to find endless examples of this. Science now confirms what the Muslims knew for ages. For ages, Muslim children in North Africa, memorized the Maliki fiqh (jurisprudence) using this method.  In Egypt and elsewhere students learned and memorized Islamic beliefs through books like Aqidatul Awam, which employed this method as well.  That is why the majority of the books we've published are sing-alongs as well.  ​ We also understand that some people follow the valid opinion that music is not permissible, and others follow the valid opinion that it is permissible. Music is a matter on which scholars of Islam differed, so following either opinion is valid. To accommodate everyone, we often record two versions of each sing-along, one with duff/vocals only, and the other with some musical instruments. ​ Our sing-alongs are free to stream and download, with or without a purchase.

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