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What is A


A  children's book and sing-along by happy and proud Muslims about what it means to be a Muslim. 

Our aim through this book is to teach kids the basic of Islam in a fun, colorful and musical way.

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Illustration and vocals by proud and happy Muslim kids.

This book was skillfully illustrated by our ten year old daughter/artist Sousann Elsayed. Now 13 and a seasoned artist, Sousann illustrated this new edition of the book.  The sing-along was sung by a group of talented lead singers: Sousann (10 year old daughter), Marwan (11 year old great-nephew), Maha (8 year old great-niece) and Ayesha (6 year old daughter). There are no instruments played on the audio track.  All the sounds were made vocally by Ali Elsayed.








What’s with the singing?

Reading a book with illustrations is fun for kids; but, singing a book with illustrations is a marvelous experience! Kids learn and understand better with melody, rhyme, and rhythm. Ask any group of native English speakers to recite the alphabet, and a large number of them will recite the alphabet with the same rhythm that shares a melody with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Studies have also found that singing together helps people form social bonds. Rhythm, rhyme, and melody aid memorization; using melody to teach helps students learn more effectively.


What else makes this book different?

Other than being a fun, colorful, musical and educational book, What is a Muslim? aims to teach children about the purpose of their Muslim identity. Most books on this subject, which one might find at the local mosque library, do a good job of explaining what the five pillars of Islam are, but they rarely mention the aims of practicing those five pillars. What makes our book different, is that it teaches the reader that being a Muslim is a vehicle for becoming a better human being; and, that practicing the five pillar should make us good, charitable, loving, peaceful and caring people.

Why we wrote this book?

In today's world,  Islam and Muslims are usually portrayed negatively in the media and in print. In addition, it is not very easy to find content which promotes a positive Muslim identity, especially when it comes to children. Take for example public libraries in the United States, we were surprised to find out that there were no fun and playful children's books explaining the basics of what it means to be a Muslim. If a child or a parent wanted to look for such a book, the most they may find is a book about Muslim inventions or Muslim holidays. That is why we at "Itsy Bitsy Muslims"decided to make this book our first project. We wanted Muslim children who read this book to feel a sense of happiness and pride that they are followers of this great religion. We also wanted non-Muslim parents or children who read this book to have a better understanding of who Muslims really are. Your support can help us make this positive impact.