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Islamic Aqidah (Beliefs) For Children

What Every Muslims Must Belief About Allah!

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A must have book for every Muslim kid. Teach your children the 13 perfect attributes of Allah. Learning these attributes is mandatory knowledge for every Muslim. This book simplifies these complex aqidah (beliefs) concepts through visual cues, question and answer - vocals only - sing-along and children’s book. Plant the seeds of the correct sunni İslamic beliefs in your kids

Aqidah (Islamic beliefs) is the most important and essential knowledge for Muslims. It is the foundation of one's religion. Understanding the correct Islamic beliefs regarding Allah, His prophets, and the unseen world, is the duty of every Muslim.

In this book we will be explaining, in a simple and easy to understand way, the 13 perfect attributes of Allah.

The perfect attributes of Allah are countless, however, there are thirteen perfect attributes of Allah that were mentioned repeatedly in the Qur'an and by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Because of this, the scholars of Islam agreed unanimously that it is a personal obligation upon the accountable Muslim to know these thirteen perfect attributes.

With this book, we aim to simplifies and explains for kids and adults, the thirteen perfect attributes of Allah that every Muslim must know and believe. We do so by using a question and answer sing-along format, along with illustrations for visual clues.

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